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The world is looking for better and stronger materials.  Quintium was developed to raise the performance bar on bullet proof glass.  Typical structures are comprised of a hard boron silicate or ceramic face with polycarbonate sandwiched between.  The polycarbonate is an extruded sheet and cannot be extruded in thick sections or else it becomes brittle. It is then laminated together many sheets at a time with adhesive, heat and pressure that is timely and costly.  When a projectile (bullet) hits the polycarbonate, the tight, rigid structure cracks but catches the projectile. Quintium replaces the polycarbonate as it is liquid cast to any thickness or shape (flat or curved). In addition, it’s toughened matrix allows it to be shot multiple times without cracking or crazing.  In addition, it is lighter in weight and has much better chemical resistance. The Hanson Group sells Quintium in drums to tolling partners who have the equipment for degassing and processing plural component elastomers.​



Armored vehicles – Military and commercial

Hurricane windows

Riot and Breacher shields

Airline windows

Safety glasses/shields/goggles

Firefighter shields



A patented Thermoset Technology (made from a unique polyurea/urethane polymer) for use in ballistic composites, armor and optically clear applications.​​


Impact resistance and kinetic energy absorption exceeds all other available transparent polymers.


Less weight: approximately 1/2 of ballistic glass - effective weight reduction of 30-40% in transparent ballistic armor systems.


Retains sufficient visual clarity after impact to allow an affected vehicle to be driven safely.


Unlike most other ballistic-resistant polymers, it is resistant to chemical solvents and aromatic hydrocarbons (e.g. gasoline).


Easily cast into various shapes & configurations.


Light transmission (clarity) exceeds most industry standards.


High abrasion resistance - Does not shatter or craze upon impact as does glass and polycarbonate used for transparent armor.


Can be laminated with various face-plate materials.


Polymer ‘reseals’ after ballistic penetration resulting in unrivaled multi-hit performance.

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