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Our fast, durable, easy to apply adhesives are a game changer.  Our PolyArmor Turf Adhesive Line is growing and we now have multiple products to offer turf manufacturers and installers for residential, commercial, and sports turf fields.



Interior and exterior repair of synthetic grass installations

Professional and educational sports fields

Commercial and residential landscaping applications of synthetic grass

Turf manufacturing facilities


PolyArmor Turf RX


Based on consumer feedback we found there was a need for a fast set, easy to use, all inclusive repair kit - gun, glue & mix tips included. 


PolyArmor Turf RX is ideal for inexperienced turf customers or seasoned installers that need to make small, quick repairs.

PolyArmor Turf Install Pro

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Designed as a replacement for the tedious, hazardous hot melt method; our adhesive is easier and safer to apply than the old standard.


PolyArmor Turf Install Pro does not require large, heavy equipment, sets up quickly and is more durable in hot and cold environments.

PolyAmor Logo Pro

polyarmor logo pro.jpeg

Designed to seam together turf and logos in a fraction of the time with a superior, tougher adhesive than current methods.


PolyArmor Logo Pro, a low pressure system, is specifically intended for environments not conducive to high pressure spray.  This system puts out no over spray or airborne particulates. Logo Pro can be troweled on or sprayed via a low pressure spray unit or with a pneumatic or battery powered dual cartridge gun if more mobility is needed.

PolyArmor Speed Seam

PolyArmor Turf Seam.jpg

PolyArmor Speed Seam, a high pressure system, functions similarly to PolyArmor Logo Pro but is tack free within seconds and is ideal for environments with good ventilation and enough floor space to accommodate high pressure (1500-2000 psi) spray equipment.



Our technology cures fast. Our adhesives can be moved or trampled underfoot inside of an hour. They will also save you money on manpower since you’ll get the job done quicker. 


Our product line not only sets up fast but it is incredibly strong and will last the long haul through whatever an athlete or mother nature will throws at it. These systems stay flexible and maintain adhesion in hot, cold or wet environments. Less field repairs equals money in your pocket. 


The Hanson Group prides itself on excellent customer service. We stand behind all of our products and if an issue arises we are there to support you. In our eyes we’re a team and if you win, we win. 


Our products cure quickly, allowing you to roll up your turf and rush it out the door within minutes to free up valuable floor space during busy season at your production facility. 


While there is no doubt that our innovative technology is an advancement on current products and methods, our line does not come with a hefty price tag. Our pricing is not only comparable but in many cases cheaper than other alternatives on the market.

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